Treatment at the Manifest Center is voluntary and lasts up to 6 or 9 months . It is important that an individual plan is in place at the time of admission

We offer a treatment program consisting of public education, group therapy, individual therapy and social therapy with a focus on the treatment plan
. In addition, we have physical activities, ADL training ( basic life skills) as well as cultural initiatives and various social activities. All levels of the treatment are integrated and linked to the patient’s treatment goals. In addition, we make it possible to join different groups for self-help training.

Leaves of absence for training, gradual return to society and the establishment of an aftercare is essential
. We recognize the importance of systems around the patient, and we therefore include the family in the treatment situation
. We also want to work with the referring authority, the home town and the support team with the goal that suitable accommodation and personalized follow-up is in place well before the stay is completed

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Manifestsenteret is a non-profit organization that offers voluntary, integrated medical care of patients with drug addiction combined with mental illness.

The Treatment