We are located in Røyken Municipality.

We have great a great train-connection with Drammen and Oslo.

Phone: 31297650


Mail Addresses of employees

Bjørn Andreas Spæren, Institusjonssjef
Siv Kjelsås Kvinge, Psykiater
Arild Bodin, Inntaksansvarlig
Laila Winblad, Avdelingsleder (avd

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Bjørn Thomas Lien, Konst. Leder (avd. 2)
Line Brudvik, Avdelingsleder (avd. 3)
Hilde Solberg, Avdelingsleder (drift)
Elisabeth Pedersen, HR-rådgiver
Geir Widmark, Vaktmester


Manifestsenteret is a non-profit organization that offers voluntary, integrated medical care of patients with drug addiction combined with mental illness.